HyJavaCharts Library

the java api for highcharts

The HyJavaCharts library is a pure Java wrapper for the Highcharts JavaScript charting library.

Highcharts is a modern SVG-based, multi-platform charting library. It makes it easy to add interactive charts to web and mobile projects. Used by tens of thousands of developers and over 80% of the world’s 100 largest companies. Highcharts is the simplest yet most flexible charting API on the market.

It has been in active development since 2009, and remains a developer favorite due to its robust feature set, ease of use and thorough documentation. Highcharts provide 100+ demo charts ready to be used.


The HyJavaCharts Java API supports all Highcharts chart types and chart options.

Adding the HyJavaCharts.jar to your Java-based web applications allows you to configure all Highcharts chart options using Java setter methods. There is no need to write a single line of JavaScript.

You will not need to learn another API. Each Highcharts chart option has an equivalent Java setter method. The Java API is built using chainable methods that allow you to configure the chart options using syntax that is as close as possible to the Highcharts JavaScript.

This is what it looks like in Java to create the Highcharts Basic Bar demo chart from their website.


View a quick start guide on how to use the library.


View a demonstration Java web application using the HyJavaCharts v11.x library coded only in Java.

The web application demonstrates more than 150 different examples of various chart types from the Highcharts demos page.


To render Highcharts charts, a commercial or free Non-commercial license is required for the Highcharts JavaScript library.
Please refer to the Highcharts license page for further details.

Note that usage of the actual HyJavaCharts library does not require a Highcharts license.


A 30 day evaluation version of the HyJavaCharts library is available to ensure the library meets your requirements.

The evaluation version is suitable for:

  • Proof of Concept testing
  • Integration testing
  • Performance testing

The evaluation library can be downloaded from here.

The Java API’s fully support all chart types and chart options in Highcharts v5.x, v6.x, v7.x, v8.x, v9.x;  Highcharts Stock v8.x, v9.x and ApexCharts v3.x.

Current versions supported are:




Start the HyJavaCharts demo Java web application

Start the HyJavaStock demo Java web application

Start the HyJavaApex demo Java web application

Start the HyJavaImages demo Java web application