About Us

the java api for highcharts

About Us

Powerbuilt Systems aka “The HyJavaCharts Team” is based in Melbourne Australia, a city of some 5 Million people and voted one of the worlds most liveable cities.

We are a team of passionate Java developers with close to 20 years Java web development experience.

We have found that the need for data visualization has become a common requirement. We developed the library for internal use to help us quickly add data visualization functionality using Highcharts to our Java based web applications.

The library was such a success that we turned it into the HyJavaCharts product.
We know the product is rock solid because we use it ourselves in our projects.

Our Goal

  • to keep the HyJavaCharts library up to date with the latest Highcharts version
  • to offer professional support from a team of experienced Java developers.


  • Official company name: Powerbuilt Systems Pty Ltd
  • ABN: 99 623 399 333
  • Company location: 222 Exhibition St, Melbourne, Australia
  • Contact: Contact Us

The Java API’s are up to date with the latest version of Highcharts and Highcharts Stock. They fully supports all chart types and chart options in Highcharts v5.x, v6.x, v7.x, v8.x and Highcharts Stock v8.x.

Current versions supported are: