HyJavaImages Demo

the java api for highcharts

Web Application Demonstration

View a demonstration Java web application using the HyJavaImages library.

The HyJavaImages library allows you to generate chart images (PNG, JPEG, WEBP or PDF) on the server without a browser, all in Java.

The Javascript chart options are generated from your Java application using the HyJavaCharts (or HyJavaStock, HyJavaApex) library.
The HyJavaImages library then creates the chart image from the chart options.

The Java source code for the demo web application, including all chart examples is available from the Other Downloads page.


Note: the web application is a Java 8 application using v14 of the Vaadin Web Platform running in a container on our servers.

The Java API’s fully support all chart types and chart options in Highcharts v5.x, v6.x, v7.x, v8.x, v9.x;  Highcharts Stock v8.x, v9.x and ApexCharts v3.x.

Current versions supported are:




Start the HyJavaCharts demo Java web application

Start the HyJavaStock demo Java web application

Start the HyJavaApex demo Java web application

Start the HyJavaImages demo Java web application