Java Web Frameworks

the java api for highcharts

HyJavaCharts, HyJavaStock and HyJavaApex are pure Java libraries that can be used by any Java web framework.

As long as your framework can add the generated Javascript chart options to your markup at page build time then you can use this library.
Most (if not all) Java web frameworks will offer some method of adding javascript to a page.

We have included several example applications showing usage of the HyJavaCharts, HyJavaStock and HyJavaApex libraries with various frameworks. These include:-

  • a Spring MVC demo web application;
  • a JSF demo web application;
  • a Struts2 demo web application;
  • a GWT demo web application;
  • a basic servlet demo web application;
  • a JSP servlet demo web application;
  • a Wicket demo web application;
  • a Vaadin framework 8 demo web application;
  • a Vaadin platform (14+) demo web application;
  • a JavaFX demo application;
  • a Java Swing demo application.

  • The Java source code for these example applications is available from the Other Downloads page.

    The Java API’s fully support all chart types and chart options in Highcharts v5.x, v6.x, v7.x, v8.x;  Highcharts Stock v8.x and ApexCharts v3.x.

    Current versions supported are:




    Start the HyJavaCharts demo Java web application

    Start the HyJavaStock demo Java web application

    Start the HyJavaApex demo Java web application